We've just became the first malaysian company to get an emmy's membership



We’ve Just Became The First Malaysian Company to Get an Emmy’s Membership!



Creative Stew has just made it as the first Malaysian independent content company to be a member of this prestigious fraternity. We can proudly say that we have just joined the ranks of Hollywood’s elite after we were elected to become part of the Emmy’s, joining the ranks of ABC Entertainment Group and The Walt Disney Company. 


“Abid Hussain, Founder and CEO of Creative Stew, says that the company is ‘proud to represent Malaysia at the world stage.’ He continues by saying that ‘we have always believed in creating great content across all screens,’ adding that ‘now with the prestigious Emmy membership, we are in a place where we can represent Malaysia and Malaysian content to the world’.

With the membership, we get to play an important role with the responsibility towards the quality of the contents created around the world.

“We are representatives of our Country (Malaysia) and have a say in the international forum on content produced in Malaysia. We also have access to all the content around the world to watch and help advise and produce local content to reach the international level.”

Judging for the Emmy’s is just one part of the duties.

“Emmy members are usually given the duties to judge Emmy Awards of its many rounds of judging. Abid has been invited to judge one of the rounds in July.”